Our Wrap-around Restorative Attendance Program

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The WRAP response process to chronic absenteeism

WRAP Multi-Tiered Approach to Chronic Absenteeism:

Tier 1 - Attendance Culture Foundation

  • Engaging positive school culture/climate

  • Positive relationships with students and families

  • Impact of absences on achievement widely understood

  • Absence data monitored from outset

  • Good and improved attendance recognized/celebrated

  • Common barriers identified and addressed

Tier 2 - Early Intervention:

  • Personalized early outreach/WRAP volunteers

  • Action plan addresses barriers/increases engagement

  • Character/Coaches & Caring Mentors

Tier 3 - Intensive Community Support

  • Coordinated school and community response/supports

  • Student specific case management/conferencing

  • Juvenile Court supports pre-citation

  • Legal intervention as a last resort (more supports)

Source: AttendanceWorks.org

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Volunteers are needed for chronic absenteeism in schools.

PARI‘ S WRAP initiative has been very popular. We are looking for volunteers to assist both at schools and at the juvenile court services level. This is a rare opportunity to be a part of a community care process that supports a school culture of belonging, inclusion and respect.

Please contact us if you’re interested in working with WRAP.