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PARI’s Current Initiatives

PARI partners with juvenile court services to provide education, training and facilitation in restorative practices. We work with youth who are diverted for a variety of incidents: from bullying, criminal damage, domestic assault, drug and alcohol violations; and most recently, for chronic truancy. Over 1,000 youth and adults have experienced the powerful results of sitting in a restorative circle. Yearly reports show that more than 90% of those in the RJ programs did not re-offend.

Training within schools

PARI has educated and trained student facilitators and community members within the Prescott unified school district since 2012. Prescott high school, Granite Mountain School and Prescott Mile High Middle School students have been involved in using restorative practices for misunderstandings and school violations.

Our youth circle programs:

WRAP – a collaborative effort with the PUSD & CVUSD designed to improve attendance. A 2016/17 grant from the Arizona Community Foundation supported PARI to implement the WRAP pilot project. Read more about our WRAP program.

RESTORE – a highly effective program for youth who shoplift. Read more about our RESTORE program.

RAD – re-thinking alcohol and drugs for youth who are under age and drink or smoke

CGC - community group circles for other youth citations referred to us like assault, criminal damage, theft, starting fires.

Contact us to learn more about RAD and CGC.

Educating community

PARI provides ongoing education in restorative principles and practices. The city of Prescott through their Community Development Block Grant has awarded PARI grants for the training and education of local organizations and agencies.