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PARI partners with schools, courts and communities to advocate for restorative principles and practices through education, training and facilitation.

What we say or do has a ripple effect – impacting our families, friends, and the wider community in ways we may not be aware of, nor comprehend. With a restorative approach to conflicts and misunderstandings everyone gains a larger perspective of what happened, owns their part in the matter, and co-creates a way to strengthen relationships and make things right. We build community and a strong social fabric when we are accountable for our actions and acknowledge and respect the gifts, generosity, and responsibilities of everyone involved.

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Principles of Restorative Practices

• Conflicts can be understood.

• The means to understanding conflict is through effective communication.

• Difficult and problematic conversations can be facilitated.

• Human behavior can be changed.

• Humans possess the capacity for communication, and therefore for creative problem-solving.

• A society built upon effective communication will be more peaceable and progressive.

From: The Politics of Restorative Justice by Andrew Woolford

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