What Restorative Circle participants say:

“RJ is helpful and a better way to bond with others than other processes.” - Circle participant

“It is a good way to get connected better.” - Youth Participant

“RJ is the best solution for conflicts, it not only repairs harm but improves lives.” - Parent

“I was able to see how this process benefitted each person involved. Thank you.” - Community Member

“This is a great experience and has assisted me a lot. This has definitely brought me a change.” - Youth Participant

“Impressive people and system. Thank you!” - Youth Participant

“Well done. A very good environment for someone who made a mistake and actually needs to learn from it!” - Parent

“I believe that this is a great way for the juveniles and families to see a police officer’s point of view.” - Parent

“This has been a confidence building and wonderfullly community oriented way to restore the negative situation with a positive. It has shined a light into darkness. Thank you.” - Parent

“Things were said in the circle that were heard or known for the first time by family members. It was experienced in a safe and throughtful manner. A shift took place for the participants and everyone seemed satisfied.” - Community Member

“I think this is an awesome alternative. The child has to ‘own’ what they did.” -Community Member

“Getting it out and saying sorry to my Dad was the best part. You feel better and are able to be trusted again.”